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Bespoke Building's Checklists takes the stress out of the building process. Build with confidence knowing that your largest investment is built correctly. As well as having fun along the way!

• Over 400 individual items to inspect

• 90+ pages with pictures to help

• If it gets too hard we are just a call away

• BOUNS state-specific Standards and tolerance guides

• Fully back money-back guarantee

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What you get


State-specific standards and tolerance guide

- Full, detailed 20-page building terminology list.

(Talk the Talk) 

- Site inspection

(Before you give the site to the builder.)  

- Slab inspection                                

- Frame inspection

- Enclosed inspection

- Wet seal inspection

- Fixing inspection

- Practical completion inspection

(Before you pay the last dollar)

Over 90+ full pages of information plus a bonus

Price $129.95

Client satisfaction is our number one priority

Brock lockwood

Bespoke building consultants are the best, they are extremely professional, easy to use and helped me understand. 

Thanks again.

Jin-Ho (Kevin) Hak

We used the building checklist as we built our family home. We found more items then we thoughts and Daniel was there to help if we ever had a questions.

Great investment!

Michael Fields

From day one of the build of our first house and not knowing what to expect. We purchased the full checklist and never looked back. Daniel was always only a phone call away and helped put my wife’s and my minds at ease.

Thanks for your time and expert knowledge, looking forward to your help on our next build!

If it gets to hard speak to Dan murray, our Senior Consultant

Whether you are looking to renovate or build your dream home, Bespoke Building Consultants can partner with you whatever the scope or size of your project. 

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