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All 7 detailed and individual checklists to help you through your building journey. Valued at $2000 These are the same items experts check. Build with confidence this is the bespoke difference.




- Full, detailed 20-page building terminology list. (Talk the Talk) 

- Site inspection before you give the site to the builder. 

- Slab inspection                                

- Frame inspection

- Enclosed inspection

- Wet seal inspection

- Fixing inspection

- Practical completion inspection (Before you pay the last dollar)

Over 90 full pages of information plus a bonus


State-specific standards and tolerance guide

Valued at $34.95!

Price $129.95

money-back guarantee 

Credit Card Payments

Build it once

Build it right

Here at bespoke building consultants, our team has compiled over 35+ years of building knowledge and put it into 7 key checklists with over 400+ individual items to inspect throughout the entire build process. 


This checklist will work well for everyone!

We offer this self-guided checklist with the ability to email a professional at bespoke building consultants if you have any questions that might arise regarding your new home build or the checklist.

All checklists can be sent as a PDF or by mail.

We will also include are some stickers with any purchased inspection checklist that you can place on the builder's sign, your car, or even your new home! The most creative post will win - so make sure you post it on social media @bespokebuildingconsultants - and you will go in the draw to win back the price you paid for your inspection checklist.

With a "money-back guarantee" if you don't find a single item we will give you a full refund. And if it gets too hard and we can't help we will credit the paid amount to a building inspector directly!


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