Bespoke Building Consultants offers a range of services to suit your project.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a new bedroom and ensuite, are exploring a kitchen renovation, or perhaps you are finally beginning your new dream home, you may be surprised at the value we can add. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, talk to us to find out how we can bring your dreams to life.


We will review quotes, tenders, contracts, extras, colour selections, and PC items. We want you to sleep easy knowing everything you have asked for is in your documents. Bring to your attention thing that are not or things that may cause issues over time.

You don’t do this every day but Bespoke do!


We will oversee each stage inspection to ensure the correct works have been complete for the bank to release the funds at the appropriate times. Reports will be emailed for any work that needs rectifying.


The team is more than happy to meet you to chat about any issues or concerns you may have. We also help do quality control or the progress of the job even discussing ideas you may have. Bespoke can help!

knockdown rebuild

Love the area you live in but want a new house? Do you want to knock it down and start again? Want to lift your home for some extra room? Where do you start? Give Bespoke a call we will point you in the right direction.


Want to take on building your own dream house. Awesome! Why not let Bespoke help you with the speed bumps that may come up or better yet help stop them from ever appearing. Building questions, help to find quality trades, approvals, even someone to give you a lift. We can help!


Do you have a master plan for your current home? Are you and your partner conflicted on ideas and budget or not quite sure where to start?  Let us help you ensure your project is on track and on budget.  Avoid unexpected surprises in your renovation!

DIY help
or rescue

Have you got a small project you need a little guidance with or have you started a job and need help finishing it? Standing in Bunnings confused? Let us help you avoid all of this or let Bespoke stop you from getting in trouble from your significant other. Bespoke can help!


You can go into the internet and google or YouTube over and over, researching every building question until you have a headache. But do you really have time for this? Time is the most precious and important asset you have. Don’t waste it trying to fact check your builder.


You need time with your family and friends, your job commitments and time to enjoy your new house being built.

You need someone that you can speak to and ask questions that correlate directly to your build, not a generic google search.


Come and work with Bespoke Building Consultants we are far from generic! 


Tel: 0401 387 240

​ABN 38635745899

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