Sandra Leonard

The team at Bespoke were amazing we had their help at the end of our new home with a final walk through. I was surprised at the benefit this was we loved it that much we are getting them back at the 12 month maintenance walk through!

Well worth the investment.


Dan from Bespoke was great any question I needed answered or explained he always had time and was more than happy to help!

Brock Lockwood

Bespoke building consultants were extremely professional. We engaged them from the very start of our new build and would never do it any other way. They were always on time, had exceptional eye for detail and construction knowledge. 

Jin-Ho (Kevin) Hak

Dan saved us close to $13,000 on a small plan errors that the builder or ourselves didn't pick up on

Well worth it!

Vendor Real Estate

We have introduced clients to Bespoke after buying their new home or investment properties. For building advice and renovation ideas, even how to make rentals lower maintenance. This has worked extremely well for everyone.


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